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Alana Ambrogio


Alana Ambrogio 2011 graduate

Master of Teaching (Primary)
2012 Graduate

I had always wanted to go to UWA. Having visited the campus on a few occasions during high school and being amazed by its architecture, gardens, available courses and libraries, I was determined to pursue my tertiary education here.

Being able to read under beautiful trees on the grass or on the benches outside enabled me to work in more varied and natural settings. Similarly, being able to spend time in different libraries that offer myriad resources and spaces for study was fantastic.

I graduated from the Master of Teaching (Primary). Throughout my course I was encouraged to contemplate and study aspects of the world around me more deeply, and I have formed valuable relationships with many others (both students and tutors) who share a similar passion for lifelong learning.

In my first year, I was able to study a unit abroad in Italy to enrich my Italian studies, and in 2010 I was invited to apply for an Internship, for which I was accepted. As a result I will spend the final year of my education degree immersed in a primary school setting. The theoretical content of the course is highly engaging and nicely connects with the realities of being in a classroom. The practical component of actually being with children in a classroom is, however, much more rewarding!

If you are considering UWA, I would definitely apply and aim high. The opportunity of studying at such a well-equipped and well-known state university is extremely valuable. The academic, social and cultural atmosphere of UWA is unique and vibrant and will only enhance your tertiary education.