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An exciting feature of UWA's undergraduate courses is the opportunity to undertake broadening units.

Experience education in your undergraduate degree by taking our units as electives or broadening units:

Learning Effectively: Improving your Learning and Teaching

This unit provides students with knowledge of diverse learning processes and theories in a lifelong learning perspective, with the objective of improving students' understanding of approaches to and practices of learning. The content includes psychological and sociocultural influences on learning, learning styles and modalities and use of learning technologies. Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to the facilitation of their own learning or the learning of others, in diverse contexts, including opportunities for community service through tutoring.

Education for a Global Knowledge Society


This unit familiarises students with leading ideas and debates about education in a knowledge era, and also how individuals in different social circumstances are positioned differently in their learning journeys and why.

A World of Mobile Learning


How is the proliferation of mobile technologies influencing education around the world? Can technology be the great equalizer? This unit examines the role of mobile technologies in different cultural and political contexts, and introduces students to an ever-increasing range of teaching platforms and applications. You will learn to understand the use of mobile tools in teaching and learning and connecting with other people. You are invited to BYO mobile device to class, although the School’s computers and labs are also available for use.

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