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The high standing of quality educators in the Graduate School of Education, with an international research reputation, is reflected in the strong demand for Master of Education, Master of Educational Leadership and Doctorates in Education.

Master of Education
Master of Education - Thesis and Coursework - This course is suited to leaders and professionals in education, health, justice, government administration and management who want to undertake postgraduate study. This course is available in Perth.
Master of Educational Leadership
Master of Educational Leadership - Thesis and Coursework - This course is suited to educators (government and non-government schools, universities and TAFE) who are leading or aspiring to be leaders in their organisations.
Doctor of Education
Doctor of Education - Thesis and Coursework - A professional doctorate consisting of coursework and thesis suitable for educators wishing to make a contribution to knowledge in the context of professional practice. This course is available in Perth and Singapore.
Doctor of Philosophy
Doctor of Philosophy - A program of independent, supervised research that is assessed solely on the basis of a thesis (examined externally), and administered by the Graduate Research School.