Performance Indicators in Primary Schools

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PIPS will be online in 2017

For another year, PIPS will be available online.


In 2009, our new website AusPIPS, replaced PIPS+. It has more features, allows for a faster return of feedback and is more user friendly.


  • From 2009, hard copies of the PIPS Feedback will no longer be provided.
  • 2017 PIPS Feedback, along with any previous years your school has undertaken PIPS testing will be available on the AusPIPS website.
  • Turn around times of data will be significantly decreased with the introduction of AusPIPS, and data will be available within days.
  • Schools without access to a colour printer can request a printed copy.


PIPS Manual 2017 [PDF, 7.3 MB]
Updated 9 Jan 2017

Performance Indicators in Primary Schools
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