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Introduction to Classical and Rasch Measurement Theories EDUC5638

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This unit commences in the Australian Semester 2 each year, July to November.

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  • Cost $TBC
  • Semester 2 29th July - November 2019
  • Register two weeks prior to commencement

This is a graduate unit of study introducing Rasch measurement.

Applications and payment for 2019 are TBC (Semester 2 29th July 2019 – November 2019) Pay online now.

This unit commences in Semester 2 each year. As it is available in external study mode, it can be studied from anywhere in the world, with an online discussion site to be used as part of the unit.

Students enrolled obtain:
  1. the study guide
  2. a set of lecture materials
  3. details of the assignments
  4. selected readings and
  5. a copy of the new RUMM2030 software for the duration of the course.

More details of the unit can be found in the handbook.

Although it has been researched over the past 40 years, modern test theory has superseded traditional test theory in many applications in the past decade. This is especially the case in large scale assessments.

The unit begins with some traditional test theory because it is still relevant and also because of the history of the development in formal testing. Studying both theories enables students to better appreciate each theory and, in particular, how Rasch measurement incorporates, elaborates and better achieves the goals of traditional test theory.

Inevitably, the unit involves statistics. Most of it requires only a knowledge of high school algebra and as part of the unit there are reviews of the required statistics.