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Reading Resources

Clever Little Dinosaur is part of a reading program.

PM benchmark kit 2 [kit] : an assessment resource for emergent-12 years
R. A / Annette Smith, Beverley Randall
ISBN: 0170105504

This video was developed as a resource to accompany the Beginning Teacher Learning Inventory - Literacy.

This Teacher Learning Inventory was developed in 2008 as part of the AITSl research project: Learning from Teacher Education (2010).

Reading record video

This three minute video shows a Year 1 student reading a section of text from the Clever Little Dinosaur to his classroom teacher.

The teacher is undertaking a reading record that will provide an assessment of the child's reading ability. Using the information gathered from this assessment she is able to develop a reading program that attends to both the student's strengths and weaknesses in reading, as appropriate.