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Enhancing frameworks for assuring quality in university offshore education programs


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This project aimed to enhance learning and teaching in Australian university offshore education programs.

The research was funded by The Australian Learning and Teaching Council.


The project aim was achieved by:

  • compiling a database of international and national policy documents, empirical studies and quality assurance frameworks relating to such programs.
  • conducting an empirically-based qualitative study of the perspectives of key academic stakeholders on the delivery of such programs across the range of models which operate (to be reported as a set of individual case studies)
  • deducing from the findings of the empirical study sets of principles to:
    1. enhance existing frameworks aimed at assuring the quality of learning and teaching in Australian university offshore programs
    2. Inform the design of professional development programs for key stakeholders, aimed at maintaining professionalism in the delivery of quality learning and teaching in Australian university offshore education.


Reports on the principal parts of this project:


Support for this project website has been provided by the Australian Learning and Teaching Council Ltd, an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. The views expressed in the project do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Learning and Teaching Council.

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