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Graduate School of Education

Postgraduate attributes


Graduate School of Education postgraduate students are expected, according to different course contexts, to develop and demonstrate the following attributes:


  • Commitment to the ethical principles of scholarship and its value and contribution to the wider community;
  • Commitment to the principles, procedures and practices of the field of Education, its disciplines and relevant professions;
  • Commitment to social responsibility, human rights and sustainability;
  • Commitment to continuous learning and professional development;
  • Commitment to cultural and linguistic diversity and especially to the values and culture of Australian aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders;
  • Commitment to an international outlook in relevant Education disciplines.


  • Expert knowledge of a relevant Education discipline;
  • Comprehension of current issues in a relevant Education discipline, including the related professional knowledge base;
  • Recognition of interdisciplinary perspectives in relation to a particular Education discipline;
  • Understanding of research methodologies in the relevant Education discipline and capacity to describe, interpret and synthesize conceptual information, empirical data and professional literature;
  • Knowledge of the processes involved in conceptualizing, designing and undertaking original research.


  • Capacity and willingness to interact and collaborate effectively with others including in teams, in the workplace and in culturally and/or linguistically diverse contexts;
  • Capacity to convey clearly and discuss analytically and critically concepts, arguments and research, both orally and in writing;
  • Capacity to communicate effectively with others using ICTs, multi-media, visual, musical and other forms appropriate to the disciplines;
  • Capacity to advocate for the profession and the public interest.


  • Ability to apply discipline knowledge, research methodologies and professional skills to the workplace;
  • Ability to apply theoretical knowledge and understanding to one's own professional practice;
  • Ability to apply discipline knowledge to real life problems in relevant professional contexts;
  • Ability to use critical judgement and thinking in response to research-based knowledge.

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