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Alan Robson Rural Teaching Practicum Award online form


Complete this online form for the Alan Robson Rural Teaching Practicum Award

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible to apply for a scholarship an applicant must :

  1. be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia; and
  2. be enrolled in –
  3. be enrolled or eligible to enrol for 2018 in EDUC5500; and
  4. not hold another scholarship; and
  5. be enrolled full-time unless the selection committee is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances which preclude full-time enrolment.

Applications close 5pm on 20 April 2018.

Given name
Family name
Mobile number
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Preferred school/region
Your preferred school/region for your Rural Teaching Practicum
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Please write a paragraph (maximum 400 words) describing how you would benefit from a Rural Teaching Practicum (for example, what you hope to achieve from your Rural Teaching Practicum, its links to your future employment intentions, your previous experience of a rural environment, your career goals.)

Please attach your submission in Word format (.doc format only, .docx format will not be accepted in the upload)

Expenditure breakdown

Itemise how you would use the funds, if you were to be successful in this application. For example, you might have to cover travel, accommodation, living expenses, child care, lost income, rent, and so on. You can fill in multiple items:

Living expenses
Lost income
Do you have access to alternative source of funding?