Interactive Computerised Assessment System (InCAS)

Interactive Computerised Assessment System (InCAS)

The InCAS assessment administered at UWA monitors progress of students from years 1 to 10.

InCAS provides you with a profile of your students' strengths and areas for growth in literacy and numeracy. Results are available 24 hours after your data is submitted.

InCAS is an assessment designed to assess students once per academic year, through Years 1 to 10.

InCAS provides you with data at school, class and individual level in the areas of

  • Word decoding, word recognition, comprehension and spelling
  • Solving math problems and calculating addition, subtraction, division and multiplication problems
  • Picture vocabulary and non-verbal ability

Introducing INCAS - video


Registrations for InCAS are accepted throughout the year.


Interactive Computerised Assessment System (InCAS)

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