Interactive Computerised Assessment System (InCAS)

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I would recommend the InCAS assessment to colleagues, for high schools especially.

Teacher, Year 8

InCAS is a valuable assessment program for students in both primary and high schools. 

It is a fully adaptive program. This means that it presents an assessment tailored to an individual student's ability, similar to the BASE Assessment (formerly PIPS).

InCAS is a flexible assessment program; students can be assessed at any time throughout the year, once per academic year. The program has been specifically designed so students can work through the assessments without the need for close supervision.

The items in InCAS are diagnostic and cover a broad range of areas, including reading skills, mathematics skills, attitudes and non-verbal ability.

The assessment begins at a level that is appropriate to the student’s age, and is interactively tailored according to each student's ability. If a student starts to falter in a given section, the program will automatically move onto an appropriate section.

The assessment is also customised and defined by the classroom teacher. You choose which sections of the assessment the student sees. For example, you may wish to only assess the student's ability in mathematics and not literacy. 

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Interactive Computerised Assessment System (InCAS)

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