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Rasch psychometric models

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Rasch psychometric models, also known as Rasch models for measurement, have generated a great deal of research at theoretical, including epistemological levels, and in operational and applied levels.

They are used in large scale national and international assessments, not only to analyse test data after they are collected, but to use as criteria for design of test items and their administration.

In the health sciences they are used to study outcomes of rehabilitation, in psychology, and in marketing.

They are named after the late Danish mathematician and statistician Georg Rasch, who spent seven months at the University of Western Australia as a Research Professor in 1974.

Rasch made a case for a class of models to be used as criteria for measurement in education, psychology and the social sciences in general.

Our GSE Psychometric Laboratory in the Faculty of Education continues the research in all areas of Rasch models for measurement, in particular epistemological, applied, and in software development.