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What does a lesson look like?

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What does a lesson look like?

United Kingdom based website,, has a video which demonstrated cognitive acceleration in action.

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Summary of Video

Initial studies in the 1980s showed that CASE (cognitive acceleration in science education) had a positive impact on attainment. The Grey Coat Hospital, London, has been using CASE with KS3 pupils for 15 years.

Tom Xavier teaches his Year 7 science group the fourth of five CASE lessons looking at the control and exclusion of variables to develop an understanding of fair testing.

Professor Philip Adey, who has led research into Cognitive Acceleration, and Grey Coat deputy headteacher, Martina Lecky, talk about the effect of using CASE in teaching.

Rooted in the thinking of Piaget and the constructivists, Cognitive Acceleration was developed initially for science, and is now used in a range of subjects.