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Why Thinking Science Australia is important

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Why Thinking Science Australia is important

It is rare in education that a particular way of teaching impacts a large number of students in a dramatic and positive fashion - but Thinking Science Australia does just that.

A recent meta analysis of data on thinking skills shows that the Thinking Science Australia program (cognitive acceleration through science education) has a demonstrable impact on student cognition.

This effect is not limited to only science lessons but improves students' thinking across all subjects. The thinking skills they gain leads to improved performance in school examinations long after the Thinking Science Australia program has been taught.


The program is testing the hypothesis that students’ general intelligence is improved by the implementation of a cognitive acceleration program.

If ‘thinking’ lessons can be taught and have such far-reaching consequences in terms of raising the achievement of students across the curriculum, then it seems reasonable to suggest that some long-term improvement to intelligence has occurred.